A so-different Easter

Life is a series of trade-offs. I am alone this Easter Sunday. I went to a new church where I knew no one. The message was insightful; there was beauty in the color and the words and the music. Christ’s rising means everything, to everyone, everywhere.   I am glad that I can worship Him who is true and good whether I am near or far from those I love, or whether this church or that church feels like home to me. But still, today I am nostalgic for those days when we hid plastic easter eggs in the backyard or made the boys wear ridiculous matching outfits. I miss making whole wheat rolls for my family and setting the table with my blue and white china. I wish it were my husband’s voice I’d heard singing next to me.

However, here is today’s tradeoff. After church, I drove through the park. ( Penisula State Park, one of the world’s best parks.) Watch this video to learn more:


Here’s just a little of what I saw. The blue lake is winning over the white ice of winter.


The ice shoves, though beautiful, are mercifully melting.


And then, a walk along the beach I love.beach

I have always wanted to live in a beautiful place, and now I do.

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