The audacity of color.

Walking alone along an empty lane this afternoon, the color purple arrested me. It is still winter; I am used only, to drab browns, grays, the dirty green of evergreens.  What was this purple? Its incongruity was startling, shocking.


A prank? An avant garde artist with paint? No,  a lovely surprise from God who created a world far more diverse and wonderful and elaborately intricate than what I am aware. I must learn the name of this plant.

He, of course, does whatever He wills, surprise or nor.  And beyond that, this uncanny color reminds me to look for and appreciate His “murmurs of grace”  in unexpected places .

I am glad to have witnessed this show. I know now where to find these plants, and I will watch how they will dress themselves to cover this present audacious nakedness.

By the way, there are also these scarlet, crimson roots nearby.


And orange:


Writing prompt:  images

Add a startling color to an item you want to describe. Don’t pick an expected color; make your reader stop for a moment and picture your item, your scene. Try describing something drab like a winter afternoon, the inside of a dark cafe, a lonely parking lot…

Example: Jane stepped carefully to avoid the jagged nails protruding from rotting, weathered logs as she and her brother entered that grey, dilapidated barn. Broken things lay spread across the floor, debris from a life that finished long before theirs had begun. Debris, along with a child’s lavender ski hat which lay neatly atop the cracked porcelain sink.

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