My new home town

When driving up the Door County Peninsula on the east (the Lake Michigan side as opposed to the Green Bay side,) there are occasional glimpses and snatches of the big blue Great Lake. The road parallels the shore, but evergreen and birch forests, or high, tree-covered sand dunes hide the water. Sometimes, farmland separates the road and the water; I have often found it a bit sad that cows instead of people enjoy such premium real estate. (On the other hand, maybe the happiness of those cows is why the ice cream tastes so much better here.) For all these reasons and more, the drive up north, then, is not necessarily full of water views despite the fact that Door County is just a thick spit of land jutting into Lake Michigan on every side and all around. However, when one enters Baileys Harbor, (my new town) the entrance is grand. The road, ( whose shoulder is usually covered by wildflowers in the summer) bends, and then turns into this:

Is it any wonder why I love it here?

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