The smell of rain.

It’s a legitimate thing. There’s even a word for it.

And a scientific explanation. Apparently, an aerosol-like reaction happens at the molecular level when the ground’s stored nutrients and water interact.



Petrichor (petrī kôr) : the clean, greenish smell when rain lands on dry ground.

So there it is, your gift for the day.


  • use it in a sentence when you write. Literal: When affronted by petrichor when she first woke, Abigail was relieved that watering her garden would not be on today’s list of chores. Metaphorical: Callie’s tears were like petrichor; that cry cleansed her, and now the air was rich with the aroma of new-start and change.
  • use the word in your speech because using beautiful, interesting words helps us all
  • contemplate the fact that water and earth are elemental, creative, sensual

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