Wavering into spring

Wildflowers are thick in the fields all around us. Trillium, especially, are everywhere.

Last week was sunny; I thought spring had come. But I am learning that spring does not come here in a steady rise; instead, it approaches, then retreats, approaches, then retreats. There are frost warnings tonight, so I must go out in a few minutes and cover my plants. The forecast tonight is for temperatures in the 30’s.

On Sunday we were warm, and we began preparing our garden; tonight we will be glad for our warm house and the heat that will kick on.

But I have seen wildflowers: the Downy Yellow Violet:


and Dutchmen’s Breeches:

dutchmen's britches

and Spring Beauty springbeauty

For a few more days ( weeks?) it will be cold. But spring is close, and summer near. I do not mind waiting, especially as there are more wildflowers to find when I go traipsing about the nearby woods.

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