Today’s walk

Our driveway is long. So long that you’d never guess there is a house at the end.

Last week there were trees with pink blossoms (crab apple? apple?) on one side.  This week has been spectacular- first serviceberry trees with branches full of white blooms,


and now, seven white wild cherry trees ( we think) that make me happy every time we come and go.

driveway2 and driveway

This morning, a new glory: in a grassy clearing just next to the pavement, with soil too shallow to grow trees, daisies are everywhere. That’s right: I have a meadow full of wildflowers.

daisiesIn the low 50’s when we woke up,  by 8:30 or so, it was ideal walking weather, complete with blue, cloudless sky.

So walking my long driveway was delightful, but in addition, less than a mile away we have discovered a new trail. It is owned by the Nature Conservancy, ( an organization that buys up wild, undeveloped lands so that they will remain that way- wild and undeveloped. Pretty cool, huh?)

I walked alone through these green woods; in spots, sunlight shone through to the forest floor on ferns and moss. In other places there are meadows, rocky outcrops, open places, then woods very close in.trail2

The dragonflies were all around, and when they landed, the shimmer of their wings was remarkable.


I started ahead; Dave, on his bike, soon caught up.


A pretty nice way to start our morning!

2 thoughts on “Today’s walk

  1. Your very own private wonderland…. I am quite sure come winter, it will be like Narnia….. But we won’t rugs that thought yet. Enjoy !


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