My new town #2

Baileys Harbor is small; the year round population is about 1,000.

There are lovely parks,    anclam

a great library, The Ridges ( a wildflower sanctuary and nature preserve, ) a local brewhouse,  a marina,marina

Bjorklunden, ( a retreat center rich in history) , campgrounds, restaurants and cafes, churches, hotels, two public beaches, and three lighthouses within 10 minutes of the town center. There is one gas station. There are no grocery stores. (Most of those are 16 miles away.) Even when you drive slowly, you can drive through Baileys Harbor from start to end in about four minutes.


Our poetry anthology Soundings is now in print.  ( I am one of 57 contributors who wrote poems about Door County, and you can find my poem on a previous post under “poetry”) so I volunteered to sell books at this morning’s farmer’s market in my new town. The book did NOT sell well, but a few other booths did a moderate business. Produce is sparse; only lettuce, asparagus, and rhubarb are ready for harvesting from any local person’s garden. But the rest of the items made up for it:

Honey, beeswax candles. Hand-crafted jewelry. Linda, sitting next to me, knits and felts gorgeous mittens from alpaca wool.   lindamittens

And speaking of alpacas, two came to visit, good advertisers for the other vendors who were also selling alpaca wool products ( socks, hats, scarves, shawls.)


There were baked items. And sauerkraut. Jams, jellies. Soaps. A photographer selling his pictures. Woolen hats. Two vendors selling perennials and shrubs for planting.

There are creative people here. I love that there are artists and craftsman and people who can inspire me. I am still a bit afraid of these long winters that are ahead of us, but if there are people in this town that create such beauty in these months of cold, I will be okay. And I might learn to wear alpaca.


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