The Colors of Water


Summer has arrived. I was for the first time, yesterday, wearing a sleeveless top. The temperature, for a few brief hours, was HOT. ( As in the mid 80’s. )  But what this means for me is that it is time to immerse myself ( figuratively and literally) in the best part of this place: LAKE MICHIGAN.

SO this post is dedicated to that lake, the always-changing, always beautiful, now-finally-swimmable lake.

And today, I want to give you a glimpse of its changing colors. Once, as a child, I counted at least 7 different color changes in one day. The sun, the winds, the waves, temperature, time of day- all affect the colors.


bsail                 greenwater

davefloat                         kayak


waterbrown       waves2

In all those colors, is there ever one that is not beautiful?pointstill


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