A few good sunsets


I know that you’ve likely seen many pictures of sunsets. But when, after dinner, we look west and see gathering clouds, it’s hard not to race the four or five miles to the other side of the peninsula so that we can see the sun set over the waters of Green Bay.


A few weeks ago, after people gathered on the dock in Egg Harbor to watch the show, there was even applause when the sun set. Rightly so, as it was a spectacular performance.


My father never tired of watching sunsets, and I think of him often when people leave immediately after the sun sinks into the water. “They’re leaving too early,” he’d say, shaking his head. “They should wait for the afterglow.” And of course, he was right. Often, the best colors come a few minutes after the sun disappears. sunset3

Now that we live here, we don’t make that ten minute drive quite as often as we have in other summers. We know we will catch other sunsets on other nights. But on the nights that we do make the effort, we are rarely disappointed.


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