Rocks and Stones

Door County is a rocky place.

Spectacular rock bluffs make for great views of the water.  Boaters worry about the shoals just under surface. Huge trees blow over in big storms because their roots are not in deep soil. Much of the peninsula is not arable.  And every spring, after frosts and ice have worked the soil, there are new rocks to remove from the fields.

Here’s another thing to love about Door County: stone walls.  They are on every road and along every lane. Some are well kept, others not at all.  wall9wall1


The one on our property line had been neglected, so we’ve worked hard this year to clear away the brush and overgrowth.

our wall before    ourwall

People who grew up here on farms tell stories of “picking stones” each spring. And I can’t help thinking about all the time it took to clear these fields, and all the labor involved.


How glad I am that some one else’s labor remains as a thing of beauty all these years later.  I doubt all that hard work was seen as art, and yet it was, it is.

wall6  cropped-walli-n-fog.jpg

2 thoughts on “Rocks and Stones

  1. I enjoy your writing, Ann. Hugh was attracted to our land because of the stone fences, which are also common in Ireland. Your photos are very good!


  2. It reminds me of the county in Ireland where my mother was raised. All the farms are bound by walls made of stones cleared from the fields. It adds to the charm and appeal of the land.


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