Hay, while the sun shines


“Making hay” has more than one connotation, but all of the connotations are good. The literal one, the one that involves mowers and long grass and hay bales, is a beautiful thing to watch.

It’s been dry here, without much rain. And that means lots of farmers are cutting their perfectly dried grass and baling it so their animals will be well fed all winter.

IMG_3295 (1)

It’s hard NOT to be taken by the beauty of this amber grain or be enchanted by the bales that gather. Long green grass becomes golden, and then it’s cut.  Then it’s dried and baled.



I love the variety of bales size and shapes; I love the personality reflected in the way the bales are stacked.






For all  of my life, I came to Door County in the summer to play, to take a vacation from work. But of course, people who live here year round work hard all summer. Now that we are friends with many of them, I’m more aware than ever of just how hard. So to the farmers who have been mowing and baling this week, please know that your work is good. And beautiful.


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