In praise of sunflowers

We planted some sunflowers in our garden months ago, and they are just now coming into full bloom.  It seems every individual flower has its own personality.

In addition to their cheeriness, I marvel at the spiral-y geometric pattern inside. It’s called the Fibonacci sequence, and it’s found in plants like sunflowers and pinecones and pineapples and cacti. ( It has to do with perfect and exact ratios of growth.) A math-teacher friend tried to explain it to me once, but I was lost. I gathered only enough to be incredulous at the complexity of it, to be amazed at the organized beauty.


There are fields nearby like this that make a person need to stop and gawk.


Sunflowers are great from just about any vantage point: up close, far away, in bouquets or by themselves.


They’re pretty great for bees. Their seeds feed our birds for much of the winter.


Sunflowers are my daughter-in-law’s favorite flower. Like them, she is bright and full of life. It was exactly three years ago that we gathered at her grandparent’s farm in Colorado for one of the prettiest weddings ever.


It’s September now, but the colors are still summer colors. Today was a day of warmth and sun and blue sky and wind on the water, so it felt hopeful and cheery and glad.



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