The Roads I Take

We have to drive quite a ways to run errands here in Door County.  The grocery store I like best is twenty miles away; my bank is eleven.   But this week, it is pure delight to make those drives.  I drive slowly down these roads that seem to be almost on fire with color.


road3-1Yesterday, it was grey and cloudy, but we drove anyway through the nearby state park to see colors, and those roads did not disappoint.



These are my roads, my neighborhood.




The leaves are quickly changing and falling, emptying the trees.  I find myself bracing, just a bit, for the coming cold and dark. But only a little bit. More, I am grateful to live in this place of color, of water, and views that make me slow down, exclaim, wonder, pray, and smile.

6 thoughts on “The Roads I Take

  1. You have an amazing gift for taking absolutely beautiful pictures, Ann H!!!
    I feel as you do about the wonderful county we live in and celebrate.
    I think you need to work on a photo journal of Door County for coffee tables.
    Maybe with poetry too!!
    xoxoxo dee 🙂


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