The Grace of Snow

We’ve had a long spell of overcast sky and grey.  The days are short, and the night comes on so fast. (Sunset today is at 4:06; tomorrow’s sunrise isn’t until after 7.) On top of that, we’ve had recent health problems that have consumed our thinking.   (I’ve come to believe that one of the worst aspects of health problems is the necessity to become self-focused. In those times when we most need people, sadly, pain makes us turn inward, withdraw.)

So all in all, we’ve felt a bit gloomy these past few weeks. But last night we had the first snowfall, and we sat in wonder, watching those heavy flakes descend.  And today we woke up to a sunrise of glory clouds against a bright blue sky. Our dog delighted in the snow, chasing our snowballs, making us laugh.




I am thankful for grace that breaks through our gloom.

I have often thought that beauty  is God’s solace to us in pain and in our oh-so-human-brokenness.  This solace is, among other things, white snow falling softly and sticking on trees. Or the red of  berries,  bright against the drab. Blue waves in a harbor. Or a silver lake with ice crystals starting to form.




I’ll take this first snowfall as grace.

4 thoughts on “The Grace of Snow

  1. Hi Ann…
    This is lovely!
    I love watching Louie chasing the snow! Beautiful sunrise!
    I hope You and David are doing OK!
    I would love to help
    Sending You a big hug!


  2. So sorry you are going through a hard passage health wise. Thank you for sharing your exquisite photos and thoughts with us in the midst of your trial. I so look forward to your posts. Looking forward to seeing you before the new year. Hugs and love being flung through the ether to you. Catch!😘


  3. I miss you!

    I’m sorry to hear about the pain and suffering that you guys are dealing with. Praying for you and thank you for this post

    Sent from my iPhone



  4. Thanks for sharing, Ann. The thoughts and photos are just what I needed today. Enjoy the season and hop to see you soon!
    Vickie Julka


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