It hurts to go outside these past few days. The temperature is below zero, and the windchills  are in the -15 to -25 range. We linger long over our coffee in the morning, not eager to leave our warm spots. We open the door and beg our dog to go outside and “do his business” without the usual escort he seems to prefer. We think about canceling anything that requires us to go outside: our walks or errands or appointments. We have plenty to do inside, so at the very least, we’ve been combining errands into as few trips outside as possible.

But when we have left the house, we’ve seen some pretty beautiful sights. I’ve been a bit lax about taking pictures, but here are a few of my favorites from the winter so far.

This was a sunrise at the beach a few weeks ago, before the ice had come in.


But now,  with the extreme cold of the past week, the bays and harbors are closing in. Ice is gathering: in clumps, in chunks, in rows and crystals along the shores.


This was yesterday’s scene in the harbor.


And here’s today’s sunset, just a few hours ago.  The sun is actually setting AFTER 4:00, and not BEFORE it.

We are heading towards lighter, less-dark days…


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