Photos of Fall

We’ve had snow this week. And cold. There is already ice on our paths. After a walk, wads of snow freeze inside my dog’s pads that must thaw before he’s allowed back in the house ( he waits rather impatiently in the mud room.)

Winter came suddenly, before I had a chance to share my favorite pictures of fall. But I’m going to do so here belatedly and anyway.

As always, autumn here was beautiful.

IMG_2312Election season was hard on all of us. As I find myself mourning not only the divisions in our country but also the slide towards bigotry and xenophobia and mean-ness, I find solace in the beauty of a world that is good and the God who made it so.

IMG_2109The fury of the lake in October storms as well as the colors of sunrise were memorable.


Even running errands is a delight- beauty waits on every road of the peninsula.




IMG_3545 (1)

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