Color and Ice

There has been no shortage of ice this winter.   Most of it is troublesome, making me wary to walk on paths, but occasionally it’s interesting.


I’m glad to say the ice has begun to recede from the shores. Temperatures are rising, and the ice shelves are breaking up.


Spring is still a long way off here, and I wish it were otherwise.   It will be a while before it’s warm enough to sit outside and bask in the bright yellows and pinks of spring or the green of summer.


But there is color, even in winter. I hope you’ve all seen the videos this week of  Italians singing from balconies, or been reminded that Shakespeare wrote King Lear during a quarantine of his own.  Whether you find it or create it, I hope you see color even now, in the bleakness of this winter.


2 thoughts on “Color and Ice

  1. Ann,

    Thank you for writing. I hope you are doing well! We are moving, I am starting a new job, and the kids are going to a new school (if they ever go back to school), in the next 2 weeks. And we’re going to a new church …because my job is at a church.

    Want to find a time to talk sometime? 🙂

    I would love to hear about your time teaching high school again!



  2. I see the color! Love the water’ hue. Always easier to see it elsewhere. I need to sit still and stare out my bleak window. My guess is, someone else could see the beauty before me. I am working on my keyboard to blast away in a few weeks. Thanks again for your enlightenment.


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