Why, Who, Where

Why this blog?

  • Friends have asked to stay informed about what life is like for us in this new place.
  • This place is beautiful. Its beauty deserves to be shared.
  • Lots of people move. Lots of people retire. I am finding these transitions more challenging than I’d expected, so as I write about what I’m thinking and how I’m changing, maybe what I say will resonate with you.
  • Finally, I want to be a better writer. So I’m doing this partly to practice, but also to pass along writing prompts for you who also would like to be better writers. In many posts along the way, I’ll add writing prompts in case you’d like a little help practicing your art.

Who am I?

I’m ordinary.   Ann2

My husband (oh, the things you’ll likely learn about him !) and I have always wanted to live in a pretty place, and now we do. We’ve retired early, sold our big house and moved into a small one, left St. Louis where it is already spring and come instead to a place where I must wait six more weeks to see flowers. Here we are starting over, way over, in a new place.


Door County, Wisconsin.


Water all around. Think cherry orchards, dairy cows, lighthouses, and a long shoreline with shimmering  blue water. My grandparents found land here in 1934, so the best part of my childhood was spent here in golden summers. Now, it feels like coming home, although I must discover it in all seasons as well as just the green and warm one.

Besides our new physical environs, we have also come to a “new place” in other, less tangible ways. We have had long careers, but now we no longer work. We have spent years being parents, but now our sons are pretty darn-near independent. Three of our four parents are gone. Our bodies prevent us now from doing what we might have done as younger people. How do we live life well here in this new condition, in these new circumstances? How do we best live this next stage of life in this new place?